Sample Stores
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Sample Stores

Want to See a Few Sample Stores?

Below is a URL Link to a “sample” Demo Landing Page where you can access 5 “sample” Demo Stores to see what the Stores generally look like. All or some Stores can reside on your customizable Landing Page. Your Landing Page will have its own unique URL Link. Each store will also have a unique URL Link that can be used for direct access into the Store (bypassing the Landing Page). Individual Store URL Links for the 5 Stores on the Sample Landing Page are also below.


The Landing Page URL Link can be placed behind a button or a tab on your website (if you have one) or Facebook page and individual Store URL Links can also be placed on anyone’s website (including the Group’s website if they have one). The Store URL Links can also be passed out in an email to a group’s member list typically done by the group’s Administrator (your contact).