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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set-up?

It usually takes between 24 – 72 business hours to have your platform built and merchant account fully set-up after you electronically sign the required paperwork. We will then schedule a Go-To-Meeting with you and walk you through setting up your first store as soon as you are ready to do so.

How do I get started?

It’s SIMPLE! Click on the Get Started tab on our Homepage, fill in the fields on the form and click Submit. You will receive a phone call from a Webstores Simple account rep to answer any questions and to review the next steps.

What are my costs?

There are 3 different packages.  Each package has its own, one-time, initial Set-Up Fee.  Each package also has its own Monthly Subscription Fee.  Standard non-swiped credit-card processing rates and transaction fees will apply to purchases made within the stores when a credit-card is used to purchase. When credit-cards are not accompanied with orders being placed (only possible with Simple Pro Plus) there will be a $.49 (cent) per order charge when implementing Purchase Orders or Account Credit transactions.

Are there any additional costs to have more than one store open at a time?

No, the fixed costs are the same if you have 1 store open or 100 stores open with NO incremental costs for additional stores.

What is the Set-Up Fee for?

We assign a customer service representative that will hold your hand and walk you through your initial set-up of your landing page and your first store.  Most people will not need additional help after their first store is built but if you do need additional hands on help we will provide that support without any additional cost.

What if the person that was initially trained leaves and the replacement needs to be trained?

We have your back. We will be happy to train your new employee at no additional charge.

Am I committed for any period of time?

Nope, there is NO term commitment for your Webstores Simple subscription nor is there a term commitment for your merchant account.  You can close both at any time without any costs or penalties.

Do I need to have a website in order to use Webstores Simple?

Webstores Simple is a fully hosted online store solution and comes with a hosted landing page so no website is ever needed.  However, individual webstores can reside on a designated website, if desired.

Is there anything else I will need to buy or other expenses I will incur?

No. Webstores Simple comes complete with everything you will need. It is fully turn-key.

I already have a Merchant Account. Do I have to use your merchant account for the webstores?

Yes, you will need to use the merchant account that comes integrated with your Webstores Simple platform for the Webstore Simple transactions.  If you already have a merchant account for your business, we would be more than happy to review your current rates and fees with you at any time to see if using your Webstores Simple merchant account for your business POS & Mobile sales would save you money by consolidating the two merchant accounts into one.